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Free-Range is a woman-owned company committed to creating products with expressions of empowerment. We feel it's important to stand up for what's right and not be silent. 

More and more people are expressing their desires for change in the world and using their voices to advocate for human rights and the environment.  What does that have to do with t-shirts and the other products we make? T-shirts are walking advertisements. Walking pronouncements. Well, not on their own. They need you to fill them, take them for a walk. Let them mingle with other like-minded t-shirts. And maybe even some not-so-like-minded ones.  They proudly say THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE.  THIS MATTERS.  We wear our hearts and minds on our tees. 

We hope we have a shirt (or other product) that comes close to expressing how you feel or what you think or what makes you laugh.  We love coming up with ideas for these products. As the world changes, we’ll keep coming up with new ideas to respond to the events of the day. Or just to express what's on our mind. We hope we can share that journey with you.



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